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E-Z 8 Motels | Premier Inns provide the best accommodations at the most affordable rates in North Los Angeles. Why pay more when you can have the conveniences you need for less?

Our North Los Angeles E-Z 8 Motels and Premier Inns are conveniently located in Palmdale and Thousand Oaks, putting you close to the main attractions of Los Angeles without the headaches and high prices of the city. You can explore the cultural attractions, exciting events, great shopping, and fine dining in this dynamic area when you stay at one of our E-Z 8 Motels or Premier Inns!

All of our North Los Angeles hotels are pet-friendly. We welcome furry family members because we want you to be able to have a stress-free stay! It’s easy to do when all of your family members are able to vacation together.

Our North Los Angeles Hotels & Motels:
North Los Angeles Hotels & Motels
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Choose the location that best fits your needs. One of our qualified staff members can assist you. Let us show you why E-Z 8 Motels | Premier Inns are the most comfortable, convenient, and affordable places to stay while exploring LA.

Los Angeles and its outlying suburbs offers a myriad of interesting activities and things to do. Whether you’re staying in Palmdale, or Thousand Oaks, be sure to set aside time to tour the city’s best attractions. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites for you to check out below.

See the glitz and glam of southern California, shop where the beautiful people shop, and indulge in first-class gourmet cuisine in this unforgettable part of LA.

With plenty of hands-on exhibits, you can explore human inventions, biology, and all manner of interesting things relating to science and industry. There is also a seven-story IMAX Theater at this innovative attraction.

Located on LA's prestigious Museum Row, this unique museum explores the American legacy of folk art and handmade crafts from all periods in world history. Exhibits encompass multi-cultural works from artists around the world.

Located in Long Beach, this remarkable aquarium brings you face-to-face with more than 12,500 animals in 50 exhibits, including a Shark Lagoon, Lorikeet Forest, and Tropical Pacific Gallery, where you can see giant sea turtles.

Don't miss the only outlet center in Los Angeles, offering discounts of 30% to 70% off at more than 85 brand-name stores.